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Prentiss Connect Groups Spring 2024

Prentiss Connect Groups are an intentional weekly gathering within the community for fellowship.

Find freedom in connection.

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are Prentiss groups that meet together each week for 60-90 minutes in convenient locations across our community. These 8-12 week groups are the perfect place to meet new friends, grow in your faith and take your next steps as you move forward in your relationship with God. All of our Connect Groups take place in a fun and relaxed environment.

What is a Connect Group?

Connect Groups here at Prentiss meet once a week for 8-12 weeks. Each meeting is generally 60-90 minutes. Connect Groups are a short-term commitment, but the positive impact on your life will be long-term.

What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up, the leader of your Connect Group will contact you with the address of the group's meeting place, the date and the time and all the other information that you will need to have a great experience.

When will my group meet?

Connect Groups have one simple purpose, to bring people together within the community. We believe that real life-change happens when we are in real, authentic relationships with one another.

What will the people in my group be like?

Look around a typical Sunday service. A Connect Group is really about 15-20 people that attend our church on a Sunday. Many also attend who do not have a home church to attend and look forward to the fellowship, just like they did in the church of Acts.

Is there a group that is right for me?

Since there are a variety of groups, you'll have a chance to share your life experiences with others that have had a similar journey.

Can I invite others?

You can invite as many friends, co-workers or family that you desire. Connect Groups are for the purpose of connecting as many people as possible to our church, and each other. The more people, the better.

Spring 2024 Connect Groups

Become a Connect Group Leader

Leader Training

In order to lead or co-lead in a connect group your first step in this life changing process is to attend Discover Prentiss and then go through leadership training! This training will help you to be a better leader and grow in your walk with Christ. Get equipped with all the tools that you need to lead a Connect Group.

Enroll your group today!

Enrollment Form

Once you have completed the Connect Group Leader training, then you are ready to fill out the leader enrollment form. Click the button bellow to get started on your enrollment for your Connect Group.